The Tasy and the Fruit of Spirit Interactive Book Series is a great way to help the young and younger  learn about the Fruit of the Spirit!

Tasy and the Fruit of Spirit Series, Book #2 Available Now: 
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Tasy and Bria help save their Grandparents' Farm

​​​​​​​Tasy and the Fruit of the Spirit Book #1 - Interactive and Partial Color

Tasy and the Fruit of the Spirit Book #1 - Interactive & Full Color

Reader comments:

Tasy and the Fruit of Spirit, is Fun. Engaging. Inspirational.  From seeing the beginning stages of ideas, outlines and first drafts to the final, the book- It’s a story for the young and young at heart. Each Fruit of the Spirit has an easy read story to go along with it.  It’s interactive with its use of questions to get minds thinking.  It’s a great book for the whole family.  Second book here we come! T. Stewart
“The book is a great read for Parents as an introduction of the ‘Fruits’.  Tasy’s spirit is so engaging and innocent the reader wants go along with her through the story”!
Congratulations on your continuing journey.
🙏🏾 R. Johnson
Tasy and the Fruit of the Spirit is a brilliant book!
It is a great book to engage in dialogue with young ones and I believe it will quickly become a favorite for millions of parents to read to their children at bedtime.
The beautiful, colorful illustrations and the inspiring message make the book a definite page-turner, that leaves you wanting more. 
A. Adams
 Tasy and the Fruit of the Spirit is a good read for parents and children. R.H.
 I absolutely love this book! I often find it hard to articulate God’s word to my children, but Tasy is changing those terms! Author Karen Scott brilliantly defines the meaning of each “fruit” through Tasy’s short stories! Additionally, the illustrations of a girl that looks just like my daughter brings the character to real life. This book is definitely the most requested at bedtime! I cannot wait for the next book to add to our collection. Tylandra Callands